David Simpson

Here are some of my favorite product design & development projects.

Research, UX, Product Design, Team Building


Small to mid-sized MSP's across the US and the globe needed a business contuinity solution, Datto answered.

I worked to build the design team here while also interviewing customers at different stages to understand their biggest pain points, then designed, validated, and helped build many different parts across the platform.

UX, Product Design, Team Building


Think moneyball... but for healthcare. The proof is in the data, a better match means people receive more effective health care.

I worked on the platform and also started to build the design team while working with stakeholders across the company and customers in the field to improve patient matching, the first time.

Research, UX, Product Design, Team Building


We're the project management tool that integrates code, projects, and teams all in one single place.

I worked to build a distributed design team across the globe while also reimaging the powerful tool set that over 1,000,000 users across the globe rely on for managing their projects.

Research, UX, Development, Team Building


Inbound is the future. HubSpot is powerhouse behind the inbound marketing software platform for marketing, sales and CRM.

I worked to build the interactive design team here that worked alongside Product, UX and Engineering while also remaining a key contributor for the design and direction of the HubSpot portfolio of sites.

Design, Accounting, Cleaning, Everything


Small to mid-sized businesses need access to reliable design studios to create and launch websites and apps, Epicio was the answer.

I was part of the small and humble team behind the startup of Epicio. We set out to provide a permium quality design and development experience for customers in the Boston area.

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