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The growing iPhone, I'll miss the 5

Posted on September 28, 2014

Earlier this week, UPS dropped off my new Apple toy, the iPhone 6. The excitement isn't what it used to be, but i'm still eager to get my hands on their new phone.

Perhaps i've gotten old in my age but I opted to not go wait in lines for this phone, I didn't even go to see one in person before purchasing. I wouldn't call myself an Apple fanboy, but when it comes to smartphones in general, a new edition of any smartphone means faster, more space, better camera, higher screen resolution. Does it do everything my iPhone 5 does? Yep, just faster and better. One of my biggest concerns with this purchase, that I haven't ever had before was the size of the new model. I'm not even talking about the 6+ which is silly big, i'm talking about the regular 6 with a new bigger screen (4.7 inches). Sure, who doesn't love a bigger screen with double the pixels jammed in, another technical feat by Apple. However, for me a bigger screen isn't a great tradeoff when it isn't as comfortable to hold.

Size comparison:

iPhone size comparison

Putting #bendgate aside, I'm practical and use my phone for a pretty small set of functions. Gone are the days where I sit scouring the App store to see what new apps might be out there. My uses for my iPhone are fairly narrow and tend to be pretty unchanging, I know what I want out of it and it delivers a simple, great experience. Also, when I run out the door I want a phone that slips into my pocket comfortably out of sight and mind. The iPhone 5 for me, was what I consider the perfect form factor.

It has been about a week now, and I won't say I dislike the new, bigger size but it is on the upper side of my comfort zone for a device I want to slip into my pocket. Should the iPhone 7 be even a smidge bigger, I can say it probably won't be for me. Aside from the physical aspects of carrying it, the actual usability of the device is also itching on the side of too tall. In many cases it isn't comfortable to have to make that stretch to the top most actions, causing me to have to reposition the phone in my hand, or use the other hand.

Generally speaking Apple has stuck to it's guns in regard to general usability not steering to far out of their comfort zone. I've heard and read a lot of complaints about that over time, but I for one am ok with it. My love for the iPhone comes not only in the form factor beauty, but the overall ease of use and consistent usability. Sure there are bugs, things like #bendgate, quirks with upgrading, but all in all, it just works and is reliable.

One of the biggest things I have been thinking about is, would there be two size iPhones if Steve with still at the helm of the ship? We shall never know, but I for one hope the iPhone 7 has a smaller form factor than the 6.

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