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Big news from Apple today

Posted on September 12, 2005

iPod Nano

I watched the keynote, I saw the commercial on TV yesterday. Neither of these mediums give the device the credit it deserves. I went down to the Apple Store and saw for myself the most elegant and functional iPod to date. Simply stunning. The size is the first thing you notice. It is .27 inches thin and weighs in at a mere 1.5 ounces. The Nano uses flash memory instead of a hard drive, which enabled Apple to scale down the newest addition considerably. The second thing you notice is the incredible color screen that seems to brighten the whole room. Like it's big brother the iPod, the Nano has the ability to house and show your full color photos at the click of the wheel. The Nano is available in both 2gb and 4gb models and replaces the iPod Mini line.

iTunes 5

With improved funtionality and a sleak new interface, iTunes 5 keeps getting better and better. There is a useful new function that helps you organize your playlists into folders, keeping all of your playlist genres together in one place. A searchbar has been added to help you find the music you're looking for both locally in your own library and also in the iTunes Music Store. In my opinion one of the best new features to iTunes 5 is its album reviews. Currently there are over a thousand album reviews already with more being added each day. And oh yeah, the new version is still the best at keeping your music, podcasts, audiobooks, and even PDFs organized.

iTunes Mobile

Last but certainly not least, Apple introduces its latest innovation, iTunes Mobile. Motorola and Apple have teamed up along with Cingular Wireless to bring this long rumored product to life. The Motorola ROCKR has the ability to hold 100 songs, equivalent to the iPod Shuffle, but that's where the similarities end. The ROCKR is a fully loaded GSM phone with an integrated camera with video recording capabilities, stereo speakers, and bluetooth technology for connecting to other like devices. Cingular has rolled out a new line of Apple-esque commercials and the iTunes capable phone should be on sale in most major markets now. If you just can’t wait to see this puppy in action, you can watch David Pogue of the New York Times try out the new phone here.

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